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Musical tag(2)!

Hi!!! This is Elliot, even though I’m already a part of the blog I decided I should tell you a bit more about my self.


1. What’s your name?

My name is Elliot

2. Preferred pronouns?


3. Age?


4. First musical you listened to?

Dear Evan Hansen

5. How you found out about musicals?

My friends were singing sincerely me so I decidied to listen to it, then I fell in love with musicals

6. Why do you enjoy them?

I connect with alot of the characters because they don’t always fit in. I also find it difficult to talk to people and found that singing is a lot easier.

7. Favorite musical?

Dear Evan Hansen and Be More Chill, I can’t decide

8. Favorite character?

Connor, Evan and Micheal

9. Favorite song?

Sincerely me and Micheal in the bathroom

10. Any other interesting facts about yourself can go here!

I’m trans, also a nerd (2 highly unrelated things)